Corvair Power Train Installation and Removal Tools

When the Corvair revolutionized the American car market over 60 years ago, a host of specialized tools was needed, since much of the Corvair was quite different from other cars then available. This article overviews one particular type of tool – the jacks and cradles used to install and remove…

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Oil Bath Pre-Cleaners

RPO K47, Heavy Duty Oil Bath Air Cleaner, first became available in the mid-1963 model year for cars and FCs. Note that it was never offered for any Corvair prior to 1963, including wagons and FCs, although many people have later added them. This article details the different versions and…

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Refurbishing Early Model Air Conditioning Distributor/Control Assembly

This article shows how I reconditioned the Air Distributor/Control pod for my 1964 Air Conditioned Convertible (the Glenn Corvair). This is the part of the AC system that is mounted under the radio housings, containing the air vents and the control knobs. For simplicity, I’ll refer to it as the…

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Corvair Photos by Year

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Washer Bottle Brackets

1960-65 Corvairs equipped with factory installed windshield washers were also supplied with a bottle of concentrated washer fluid. The history of the bottles has been previously documented by Kent Sullivan and Dave Newell in this article published in the CORSA Comminique. This post will deal with the metal brackets that…

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