Refurbishing Early Model Air Conditioning Distributor/Control Assembly

This article shows how I reconditioned the Air Distributor/Control pod for my 1964 Air Conditioned Convertible (the Glenn Corvair). This is the part of the AC system that is mounted under the radio housings, containing the air vents and the control knobs. For simplicity, I’ll refer to it as the…

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GM Vehicle Information Kits and Brochures

General Motors offers these documents for most of their models, and they are now available for download free of charge. These packages contain basic specifications, equipment availability and in some cases, owner’s and service information. You may also purchase individual printed copies of information kits for all General Motors brands.…

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Corvair Photos by Year

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Corvair Dealer Sales Brochures

Here are links to scans of original Corvair Dealer Sales Brochures for each year.Most of the car brochures are hosted on and are supported by ad content.Most of the FC brochures are hosted on Corvanatics website and are ad-free. Early Models (1960-64) 1960 Brochures—1960 Corvair – 1st version—1960 Corvair…

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1960-1965 Corvair Production Information

The following links to website give detailed information about 1960-65 Corvairs, including: Models and Body Styles offered Factory Pricing Shipping Weights Total Production Colors with Paint codes Note that the Engine, Transmission, and Axle information displayed on these pages is NOT for Corvair but rather for other Chevrolet vehicles…

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David Trull’s “Corvair Gold”

David has compiled a wealth of Stock Corvair information in this publication. Click Here to read it from the beginning or click on any of the links below to jump directly to that subject. NOTE: the following links may not work in Mobile browsers. Table of Contents DECODING FISHER BODYTAGS…

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