GM Vehicle Information Kits and Brochures

General Motors offers these documents for most of their models, and they are now available for download free of charge. These packages contain basic specifications, equipment availability and in some cases, owner’s and service information. You may also purchase individual printed copies of information kits for all General Motors brands.

Click here to go to the main document site or click on any of the links below to go to that particular model year.

Vans and Trucks:

*Greenbrier information is included with the cars from 1961-64 I did not find anything specifically for Corvan or for 1965 Greenbrier, however, the Historical Brochures section has a lot of this information.
*Rampside and Loadside information is included with all the other trucks – not much there for 1961 and nothing for 1964, but pretty good information for 1962 and 1963.

NOTE: Please note that some of these files may be quite large. As such, they may take a long time to load on slow connections. Also, the first page of each document is blank, so you need to scroll down to see the other pages!



Early Models


Late Models


Historical Brochures

In addition to the kits above, GM Heritage center has also posted some historical brochures of interest to the Corvair community. Click on any of the links below to go directly to that document:

NOTE: GM Heritage Center recently revised their website; as a result, the following links no longer work. We have communicated with the GM Heritage Center in an attempt to regain access to the following information and will revise this page if or when we can do so. Thank you.

1961 Truck Engineering Features – includes lots of information and photos for Corvair 95 trucks and vans.
->Corvair 95 Exterior Colors
->Corvair 95 Interior Colors and Materials
1961 Truck Sales Brochure – includes two pages of Corvair 95 trucks and vans
1962 Truck Engineering Features – includes 15 pages dealing with Corvair and Corvair 95.
1962 Truck Engineering Sales Brochure – Corvair 95 information scattered throughout.
1963 Truck Engineering Features – a smattering of Corvair 95 information mixed in with all other trucks
1964 Truck Engineering Features – Corvair 95 information is scattered – click on link below
->New Wheel Trim Disk
->Glovebox Door
->New Seat Construction
->Engine Access Door and splash shield

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