Hello to all new and prior members! Welcome to the Stock Corvair Group, or SCG.

SCG was formed to address the issues of researching and recording everything that we can about Stock Corvair and Corvair powered vehicles, and to provide some means of recognizing and encouraging those individuals interested in the process of maintaining, preserving, researching, or restoring such vehicles. Corvairs have been a platform for modification since the cars first appeared in the Fall of 1959 — and we love modified Corvairs — but within CORSA there is a need to document and preserve Corvairs in the condtion they left the factory.

To those ends, we have created this group to bring together those people within CORSA (you must be a member of CORSA to be a member of SCG) to work together to achieve our goals. We have set up an ambitious program that we hope will eventually result in detailed manuals that will attempt to document all aspects of the Stock Corvair vehicles. We intend the manual to be in electronic format (at least initially – perhaps eventually printed), and we will be encouraging the use of digital photography for gathering and sharing data. We have agreed to set as the minimum standard 3.2 mega pixel images for the archives, although we can certainly use smaller images for communicating with each other. This project will not be completed in a few short months, but will be an ongoing process.We will utilize a variety of methods to procure the information and to archive and record it.

  1. The Annual Stock Corvair Event (ASCE) will be held at each CORSA international convention (beginning in 2006 at Buffalo) and will showcase Stock Corvairs in a setting apart from Concours. Some cars will be brought in for the express purpose of detailed study (research), others for owner-requested assessments of “Stock-ness” (performed by all of us in attendance at the ASCE), and the rest for display. The general concept of the ASCE is defined in our operating policy, which you can access on this web site.
  2. This web site, developed by SCG, is intended to provide a home base for member communication, display of photos, storage of databases, and a general clearinghouse for Stock information.
  3. We also have the SCG mail-list set up, courtesy of CORSA. This is an old-style e-mail list, same format as Virtual Vairs. You can currently access this site at http://www.vv.corvair.org/mailman/listinfo/scg-list.
  4. Mark Corbin is the SCG Secretary/Treasurer. Please send him all your pertinent information (Address, phone number, etc.) as he keeps the membership records. At this point in time we have set optional dues at $10/year. We use the money collected from dues to help maintain this site and to further research projects.

-Bill Hubbell, SCG President

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