A6 Compressor Model Sticker Replacement

Late 1963-1965 Corvair A6 compressors used a foil sticker to display model number, charge, and serial number.  While these stickers have been accurately reproduced for non-Corvair A6 models, they aren’t correct for Corvair, due to the difference in Model number and charge.

Here is a photo of the reproduced sticker:

Reproduction A6 Compressor Sticker – non-Corvair

I, therefore, opted to keep the original foil sticker on the Glenn car’s A6, both for preservation and for accuracy.  However, much of the sticker was in poor condition, the black having been rubbed away, etc:

Original Corvair A6 Compressor Sticker (Glenn Corvair)

After restoration of the compressor, the sticker was in even worse shape, having lost the lower right corner. I had used a marker to restore much of the missing black, but it wasn’t a great look:

Original Label after attempted restoration with marker.

Today I tried something new.  I took one of my reproduction stickers and cut out the silver boxes for charge, model number, and serial number, then carefully positioned and stuck it on top of the existing, original sticker.

Modified Reproduction sticker placed on top of original sticker
Modified Reproduction sticker placed on top of original sticker – different angle. The “gold” is really a reflection from the deck lid – the letters are actually highly reflective silver. It’s very difficult to take a good photo of the sticker because it is highly reflective and applied to a curved surface, but it looks great “in person”.

Bill Hubbell

SCG President and Founder

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