1964 Fawn Interior Survey

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  • I am finally getting around to starting the restoration of my 1964 Corvair Monza Convertible - originally owned by John Glenn when he was still a NASA astronaut and living in Texas. As the first step, I am documenting the "numbers" - Here are some photos. I will add more…
  • The straight shifter started with the '60 Monza, in which the three-speed was of course the only manual transmission available. 61 Monzas with buckets and 3-speed continued to use the straight lever. GM Proving grounds photos are attached, showing the shifters for both years. These aren't prototype cars. They're ordinary…
  • This post uses pages from the 1960-64 Assembly Manuals to explain the different rear mounting brackets used for Corvair Generators. The first two photos are from the 1960 Assembly manual, showing all three possible generators and their brackets: Generator Part # Bracket Part #Bracket Length & Description1100357 (1st gen -…

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