Washer Bottle Brackets

1960-65 Corvairs equipped with factory installed windshield washers were also supplied with a bottle of concentrated washer fluid. The history of the bottles has been previously documented by Kent Sullivan and Dave Newell in this article published in the CORSA Comminique. This post will deal with the metal brackets that held the glass bottle.

There were four brackets used from 1960-65. Note: bottles were not installed by the factory after 1965, but may have been added later by the dealer. This article only addresses the factory installed bottle brackets.

1961 -Type 1 Bracket
First written appearance of the washer bottle bracket was in the 1961 Assembly Manual, Section 120, Sheet 2 – originally part # 582036 – and was meant to be mounted on the left side front corner of the trunk. This was the Type 1 bracket and is correctly drawn in the 1961 assembly manual.

On 3-28-61 the part number was changed to 1348731, but there is no mention of the drawing being revised, so this may have remained the same design.

Type 1 Bracket
1961 Assembly Manual

1962 -Type 2 Bracket
The second bracket makes its appearance in the 1962 model year, still mounted in the left side front corner of the trunk. It is correctly drawn on Sect. 120 Sheet 1.00 of the 1962 Assembly Manual

On 9-18-61 the part number was changed again, to 3815273 and the drawing in the Assembly manual was revised (presumably from the Type 1 to the Type 2??)

Type 2 Bracket
1962 Assembly Manual

1963 -Type 2 moves to RH
In 1963 the placement of the washer bottle bracket was moved to the right side front corner of the trunk, but continued to be the Type 2 bracket, as shown correctly in the 1963 Assembly Manual, Section Z01 Sheet 1.00.

The part number remained the same as in 1962 (3815273) and did not change throughout the 1963 model year.

1963 Assembly Manual

1964 – Types 2 & 3 Confusion
According to the 1964 Assembly manual, the bracket remained as part # 3815273, and the drawing continues to look like the Type 2 bracket.

There is, however, another number below the bracket number – 589622 OPT. It is not clear what this number means. However, we know that the design of the bracket changes at some point in the 1964 model year (possibly 10A) to the Type 3 bracket – but this is never noted in the Assembly manaul

Type 3 Bracket
1964 Assembly Manual

I examined many cars at the Corvair Ranch and found that Type 2 Brackets were consistently installed through at least the end of September, 1963, and style 3 brackets installed thereafter.

09E build date – last week of September, 1963
Type 2 bracket installed in 09E car
01A build date – 1st week January 1964
Type 3 bracket in 01A car

1965 Type 4 & More Confusion
Type 4 bracket was introduced for the 1965 model year, and is mounted on the back wall of the trunk, near the brake cylinder.

Type 4 is correctly drawn and identified as part # 3864244, and is used for cars without Air Conditioning.

For AC cars, the drawing shows what appears to be a Type 2 bracket, part number 3815273 (also with the obscure 589622 OPT following) to be used in place of the Type 4 bracket. However, it seems more likely that instead of using the Type 2 bracket, the Type 3 bracket would have been used here. Unfortunately, I have not found a 1965 with AC to photo yet.

Type 4 Bracket
1965 Assembly Manual

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