1963 Ermine White Monza Coupe 30927W269957

owned by Pete Borchet

This is one of the famous “Lambrecht Auction” cars, purchased by Pete Borchet and shown at the 2015 CORSA convention.

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ASCE Inspection Summary

Dates Inspected: 6/23-24/2015
Odometer 305.5 ORIGINAL
Year: 1963
Model: Monza
Body Style: 2 door Coupe
Exterior Color: Ermine White
Interior Color: Red
Engine: 102HP
Transmission: 4-speed
Rear Axle: 3.27
Positraction: No
VIN: 30927W269957
Build Date: 05D
Style: 63-0927
Body Number: 80116
Trim: 781
Paint: 936-5

Inspected by: Bill Hubbell

Engine Code: YN
Transmission Code: KA
Differential Code: HA 05 23
Generator Code: 102226 3E20
Voltage Regulator Code:
Coil Code: 087 12-V
Delco Battery Code: non-original
Distributor Codes: 1110296 3D25
Plug Wire Date Codes: Packard Radio 2-Q-63
Carburetor Code: BJ
Tire Code: BH
RR Spring Code: CB

Factory Options:
*4 speed transmission
*Manual Radio
*Whitewall tires

Inspector Comments:

Factory Stock Original Car
*All original parts that were removed were saved and brought to display
*This is an NOS Corvair

Minor deviations for safety purposes
*In-line fuel filter left wheel well area
*Replacement non-delco shocks
*Replacement tires
*Replacement battery

Bill Hubbell

SCG President and Founder


  1. Pete Borchert introduced us to his Lambrecht Chevrolet “new car deal” in these pages on Corvair Forum:
    Many excellent photos and explanations of his process of “Delayed Dealer Prep”
    Get comfortable and make some time – you are going to enjoy this!

  2. Bill, the photos of this car are absolutely amazing. That said I have a few questions for you.

    Was the back of the brake backing plate sprayed black?

    They look black in the photos. I know the inside face of the backing plate was left natural. I just assumed they were natural inside and out.

    Were the spindles / steering knuckle painted or natural cast? I also assumed that these were left as natural cast. (figured they were machined, put in a parts bin and then installed…I can to this conclusion only after I taped mine off for paint…said no way this was done at the factory….)

    With regards to the steering, it looks like the tie rods were left all natural and the drag link was painted black.

    Was the idler arm, pitman arm and steering arms, natural or painted?

    Thanks, Ryan.

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